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Why We’re Doing This?

Indonesia no longer needs expansive unsustainable financial capital-intensive development as its massive and severe social and ecological impacts have severely degraded the variety and unique comparative advantages of this archipelagic country.

The hegemony of government sponsored large scale land- and marine-based private financial investments in natural resources has put the small scale artisanal farmers and fishers at a disadvantaged position creating irreversible social, cultural and economic displacement. This in turn has weakened the resilience of previously highly diverse social, cultural and ecological capitals.

WMK[A] sees a critical need for a progressive and viable approach to bridge the central government’s directives in advancing national economic growth agenda and the essential roles and functions of the local jurisdictions to deliver quality and effective public services and promote viable local economic development. The national economic growth target should be contextualized based on local comparative advantages and the capacity of local governments in providing their essential roles and functions to maintain communities’ resilience.

WMK[A] engages URDI to jointly build a better understanding of the sub-national jurisdictional capacity in carrying out effective essential roles and functions to serve as a strategic sustainability compass for pursuing and progressing local viable social, economics, and ecological investments.